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Stens® supplies quality replacement and original parts and accessories to more than 50,000 customers worldwide through its U.S. and international distribution network. Stens carries over 7,000 products including blades, belts, filters, saw chain and bars, spark plugs, internal engine parts, golf mower parts, and golf cart parts and accessories. Stens also carries a variety of universal products such as oil, lubricants, safety gear, trimmer line, tools, and hardware. In addition, Stens is the exclusive distributor of the Franzen automated chain sharpening machine and distributes Trimmer Trap trailer accessories. Stens owned brands include Silver Streak®, Mega-Fire®, StenMix®, TrueBlue®, and TruStripe®. Stens is also a respected member of the Outdoor Power Equipment Aftermarket Association(OPEAA).

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