Getting Started with

Getting Started

Getting started with

If you're a member and wondering how to get started or why you're here, this page is for you. You're on your way to learning more about the basics of using You can use these guides to help you dive into our website full of products and information to find what you need.

Scan UPC's to Order

You can use your UPC scanner to scan data directly to our website.

How to: Scan to Order via UPC

Pay Account Balance

Paying your bill is easy! No need to write a check or call customer service during business hours. You can make your payment using a Credit/Debit Card or your Checking Account.

How to: Pay Account Balance

View an Invoice

With a few simple instructions, you can view or print your invoices -- even find shipment tracking information when you need it.

How to: View an Invoice

View Account Statement

You can view your account statement online and print a copy for your records.

How to: View Account Statement

Update USB Software

We annually release updated catalog data for our USB app. Stay up-to-date with these simple instructions.

How to: Update USB Software

Questions or Comments?

Any questions or comments may be directed to Customer Service.