Stens Brands

Stens is very proud of our namesake brand. We also carry many other private label and exclusive brands.

At Stens, we relish our roots. From a one room mom and pop shop to the global company we are today, we always work passionately to astound our customers. Even in the beginning we believed that by satisfying the customer with excellent service, a quality product and fair price, we could build a bigger and better offering for tomorrow.

Stens - Silver Streak

Silver Streak™ Blades

Rediscover the legend of Silver Streak™. Representing quality parts at affordable prices, Silver Streak™ blades offer additional blade width that provides longer blade life and more sharpening area. The additional width also makes the blades less likely to bend. Silver Streak™ hi-lift blades feature a longer, hi-lift tooth for a superior discharge and more surface area to mulch, resulting in less clumping. Silver Streak™ Bar & Chain - Stens' line of Silver Streak™ bar and chain is designed for both the professional woodsman or occasional backyard lumberjack. With prolonged chain life, precision balance and low vibration, Silver Streak™ chain is manufactured with exceptional value. Silver Streak™ bars are manufactured with U.S. steel and offer great bore quality and heat treated bar rails.

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Silver Streak™ Trimmer Line

Solutions for both landscapers and homeowners, and every cutting condition

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Stens - MegaFire

Mega Fire® Starters, Spark Plugs and Ignition Modules

Mega Fire® starter parts are your perfect match. With Mega Fire® starters, spark plugs and ignition modules, you'll find high performance at an economical rate.

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Stens - StenMix


The environmental alternative for 2-cycle engine lubrication, StenMix™ allows customers to keep their fuel longer without needing to buy fuel stabilizer products. With its anti-corrosion properties, extended engine life and lower fume emissions, StenMix™ protects equipment long after the wood-cutting, lawn mowing and weed trimming season ends.

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Stens - StenMix

True Blue™ Belts

This long lasting universal belt, manufactured for heavy-duty applications, is double wrapped with high strength genuine DuPont KEVLAR® cords, making it virtually bullet proof. Stens' True Blue™ belts last four times longer than any imported belt and 10-15% longer than most American-made belts.

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True Blue™ Starter Rope

Stens' new and improved line of True Blue™ starter rope boasts all new features and a brand new color. The rope does not absorb humidity, and therefore no loss in strength. It also has increased abrasion resistance from the rope's coating. With 30% longer life, the rope's ability to stay soft, flexible and clean throughout use is a feat of engineering.

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True Blue™ Fuel Line

A translucent blue fuel line that is not only extremely affordable, but more importantly extremely durable! This “Made in the USA” fuel line is compatible with 100% ethanol fuel and manufactured exclusively for Stens. Conveniently packaged in easy dispensing boxes containing 25’ of fuel line, once you try True Blue Fuel Line, you will never use another brand.

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Stens - StenMix

Stens Cart & Course

A private branded offering of golf cart accessories. With the same high quality standards known world-wide in Stens parts, Stens Cart&Course™ offers golf cart customers a full line of branded accessories including flip flop seats, light kits, brush guards, arm rests, windshields, cargo boxes and much, much more!

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