Terms of Sale

The following information is important for all Stens customers to read and understand.

2% discount available on open account orders:

Open account orders receive 2% discount if paid 10 days or net 30 days. A finance charge of 2% per month (annual rate 24%) will be assessed on all accounts over 30 days. To set up an account, simply call our customer service department and request a credit application or download a credit application here. Credit approval should be completed within 2 weeks of receiving a completed application. You will be notified upon approval.

Freight Terms

Every order in the continental U.S. will be charged a flat rate of $9.50 for shipping and handling. We will ship orders via UPS or a similiar carrier, except on large and/or heavy orders, when freight line carriers may be utilized. Orders outside the continental U.S. will be charged appropriate freight charges.

Labor Warranty

Stens Corporation offers a comprehensive written labor warranty program for qualified servicing dealers. See here for details.

Competitive Prices

Regular dealer and gold medalist dealer prices are coded in this catalog. Dealer/gold prices are listed right after the suggested list price. For example, an item coded YCO395/GL336 indicates the item is: Dealer Price = $3.95 Gold Dealer Price = $3.36 Products starting with “0” are not subject to medalist discounts.

Prompt & Efficient Service

When you order by phone, your order is entered into our system. You are informed immediately of your invoice amount and any back orders. Your order will generally be shipped that day if called in before 2:00 p.m. Orders placed at www.stens.com, via EDI or faxed by 1:00 p.m. will generally be shipped the same day. Your order will be processed, sent via tele-computer link and shipped from our distribution centers.


We are proud of our low back order rate. Items temporarily out of stock will be shipped one of three ways: (1) with your next order; (2) when cumulative back orders total $25; or (3) when the item(s) has been on back order for two weeks. A refund will be sent to all cash customers for cancelled back orders. All back orders over 90 days will be cancelled. Back orders are shipped freight prepaid.

Satisfaction Guaranteed / Returned Goods Policy

We guarantee your satisfaction with the quality of our parts. If you are dissatisfied with the quality of our parts, call our customer service department, and we will replace the part or refund your money.

If you need to make a return, call Stens Customer Service for a Return Authorization Number (RA#) or fill in the online warranty claim form. There is no restocking fee on returns due to warranty claims, defective merchandise or Stens shipping errors (if reported within 30 days). All other returns will be charged a 15% restocking fee. Freight must be prepaid by the customer and will be reimbursed for warranty claims, defective merchandise and Stens shipping errors. Obsolete items cannot be returned at any time. Items not in salable condition, in the original Stens package (where applicable) will be charged an additional 25% repackaging fee.

Shortages and Shipping Damages

All claims must be made within 30 days of the invoice. In the case of damaged shipments, indicate "damaged" when signing for the package and call us immediately for further instructions. Keep the original carton and damaged merchandise for possible inspection.

Product Liability

All Stens Corporation products are automatically covered by a $5,000,000.00 comprehensive liability policy for both bodily injury and property damage.

Force Majeure

Stens Corporation shall be under no obligation to perform any contract when performance is prevented by fire, strike, labor dispute, war, embargo, transportation delay or failure, material shortages, supplier default, government intervention or act of God or for any other cause beyond the control of Stens Corporation.

Parts Country of Origin

Stens carefully selects vendors in America and overseas that share our commitment to high quality. All products, foreign or domestic, are subject to the same rigorous quality standards. Whenever possible, non-U.S. made items are labeled individually as to the Country of Origin. Certain small items cannot be individually labeled and therefore the bag or box is labeled instead. U.S. customs regulations asks the retailer to inform the consumer of the origin in this case.


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